Pastel of cherries
Camel and man

Tracy: Prints & Paintings

A brief word about my subjects


Artist in search of a subject

Tracy takes inspiration for her work from anything that she finds beautiful, unusual and visually striking, especially the amazing places she and Krys have visited around the world - especially Antarctica and Iceland.

From an old photo of Irish fishermen in the 1930's, produce from her garden, or light falling through trees - it all goes into her portfolio.

Another great source of inspiration recently has been the zoos of Norfolk. The variety and charm of the animals has captivated her and she is currently producing work based on her impressions.

Drawing, drawing .......


Paintings and Pastels

Drawing was always Tracy’s first love. It is the foundation of all her work. Pastels enable her to work on a larger scale. She loves the textures she gets when using them over watercolour.

She draws from anything - life, photographs - sometimes in pen, sometimes with pencil. She will often draw with a biro, enjoying the danger of not being able to rub out mistakes.

...... and printing


Hand made prints

Tracy fell in love with the wonderful world of printmaking during her Foundation Year at Art College - from planning and creating the plates through to inking and printing. It can seem a laborious process, but the results are like nothing else.

She produces small editions of no more than 25, mainly because the collagraph plates wear down quickly under repeated pressure from the press rollers. She inks and cleans each plate by hand. Thus no two prints are exactly the same.

She calls her etching press Melrose, after it’s first owner.

Portait of a man with whale bone
White peacock amidst teasles
Tree in a snowy field
Flamingoes and tree shadows
Woman with blue butterflies
Portrait of woman with feathers
Statue in a garden pool
Shadows of winter trees
Owl Preening
Attractive shop sign
Print of a flounder
Print of a cod with it's Latin name
Man walking deserted beach
Various mages of a duck
Female figure with butterflies
Oil vats with shadows of whales
Staute in a pool with water lilies
Study of a cabbage
View of a rural church
Print of a cod on red paper
Print of a camoflaged flounder
Statue in a garden
Study of ch
Close view of a curlew
Woman sitting in an old mosque
Portrait of Josephine Baker
Print of a cod on patchwork background
Man standing with elephant
Bird and small boat beside the water
Study of apples
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